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  •  Bastar Jungle Resort
  •  Bastar Jungle Resort
  •  Bastar Jungle Resort
Fairs And Festivals of Bastar
Mati Teohar and Aamkhani  (Mar- April)
Akteyi ( April -May)
Goncha ( June - July)
Hariali (July - August)
Dussehra (September - October)
Diwali (December - January)
Reason to Visit
The Tribal Culture

Out of the total population of Bastar about 70% are Tribals.
The many tribes of bastar include the Gonds, the Abhuj maria, the Bison-Horn or dandami Maria, Dhurvas, Bhatras,Halbas and Parjas. Each tribe has its own custom, dialect, deity and life rhythm .You can identify distinct clothes, head-gears,ornaments,musicand dance for each tribe.

The Flora and Fauna:

The nature has endowed Bastar with abundant and wide ranging flora and fauna. It has serene rivers, ancient caves and magnificent waterfalls. The total forest area is 7112 sq kms which is more than 75 % of the total area of the division. These Forests have trees such as teak, sal, sirsa, tamarind, amla and mahua in addition to a plenty of medicinal plants like anjan, amla, harra. Its home to a rich variety of of wild-life among which are deer, spotted deer,leopard, wild buffalo, sloth bear,hyena,pheasant,parrots,wood pecker and the Bastar hill myna,with its incredible ability to imitate the human voice.

Major Festivals :

Bastar has a wide range of festivals meant for every occasion and every season. The major festivals are Dusshera, Goncha, Madai-melas, Matipuja, Amatyohar and Navakhani.
Most of these festivals follow and celebrate the agrarian rythm of land.Godess Danteshwari the tutelary deity of Bastar,is the focal point.The Bastar Dushera now fast becoming popular with both domestic and international tourists reflects the festive spirit of the people.

On one day of the festival called Goncha people play with a blowing pipemade of bamboo called Tupki (meaning a miniature cannon) which has a peculiar but interesting sound.
Madai-The Madai is usually the annual fare of village and an occasion on which people congregate along with their deities at a centre place from afar in unique phenomena of cultural and economic concosure.

The Amatyohar holds its uniqueness for preserving the mangoes till they are ripe. People do not partake of the fruit till the kernel-stone formation is complete and till it has been offered to the deities.
During the Navakhani festival, the people harvest the crop and the Nav-Anna (new-crop) is offered to the gods. This follows a festive season of enjoyment and merry-making. They worship the Mother-Earth during the atipuja. Besides, the people celebrate the Phagun Madai and Ramaram Mela.It may be any festive occasion, they celebrate it with dance, music and liquor.

Dokra Art or The Bell-Metal :

The Bell Metal is believed to have come to Bastar through the Ghadwa community. The Bell Metal resembles the age old craft of the Indus Valley Civilization found in the sites of Harrapa and Mohenjodaro. The Bell Metal is an alloy known as the Panchadhatu (five metals).The metals are mixed in appropriate proportions to prepare the images. The process of moulding this alloy is quite intricate and even amazing. Bell metal toys and decorative pieces from Bastar are not only intricately designed, but also tell a stories of their culture and lifestyle.

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