Fairs And Festivals of Bastar
Mati Teohar and Aamkhani  (Mar- April)
Akteyi ( April -May)
Goncha ( June - July)
Hariali (July - August)
Dussehra (September - October)
Diwali (December - January)
Welcome to Bastar Jungle Resort
On the outskirts of Jagdalpur, the district headquarter and nerve centre of Bastar, just where the forest begins, is our newly opened Bastar Jungle Resort (BJR). Away from the maddening crowds of the town, set amidst nature, BJR is a set of picture-perfect cottages,if you want more adventure-adjacent to some villages and ponds. Built in the Chhattisgarh style, these cottages are comfortable and pleasant and are fitted with modern amenities.

Among the many things that you can do here, the most exciting can be treks to the tribal villages close by. Walk along the winding rough and ready pathways into these villages, meet the friendly village folk, talk to them about yourself and about their life, join them in preparing a meal or milking their cows, sit and watch the gentle rhythms of their daily chores… in all this, discover a world you thought did not exist… of simplicity, gentleness and warmth so rare in our times.
Bastar Jungle Resort, Village Kurandi, Jagdalpur Bastar
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